Would you like to advertise with us?

Advertise Like a Pro with Digital!

Elevate your professional image and watch your bottom line grow. Be vibrant, be captivating, be unique in the most prime location with flexible options and superior service. OMG Digital Messaging boards get you there!

Optimal Service

Your satisfaction is priority number one. We offer flexible payment options and contracts starting at one day on the newest and largest digital sign available. Don’t have an ad? We can help at little to no cost! Want to swap your message out or add more? We will adjust your campaign for no extra charge as many times as you need. We are committed to your success!

Exclusive Location

No other advertiser can offer such a prime location. We are next to I-30 directly in front of WalMart and viewable from major retail and entertainment venues. Our location is minutes from major interchanges giving your advertising dollars ultimate impact.

Maximum Exposure

With the ability to have an ever-changing message, your cost per exposure is lower than any other medium of its kind! Adjust your messaging to suit your marketing focus, time of day, current events, seasonal specials and much more!

Where We Are!

92,000+ cars a day see our billboards with an average of 1.5 people per vehicle. We are directly in front of major retail and entertainment venues including: WalMart, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Benton Event Center, Marriott Fairfield Inn, and Tinseltown Movie Theater. Several major highways converge minutes from our location, sharing the stretch of I-30 that we sit on. This includes recently improved Highway 70 streamlining travel from Hot Springs to Central Arkansas, as well as Highway 67 and Highway 5. We are also fully viewable from all traffic coming across Highway 35 and into Benton.

What We Offer.

  • Fully customizable ad campaigns.
  • Individualized and fast service.
  • Locally and independently owned operators that know the area!
  • High-end marketing creative team available.

Why Digital?

Digital Messaging Boards save you money and make your dollars count! They are more vibrant and provide higher visibility from longer distances with a clean, high-resolution appearance. Ad changes are quick and easy, with no vinyl to design, print and install. Campaign changes are included and unlimited, meaning zero additional cost to you for customized advertising. When you need it, we are here to make it happen.

Need to set different creatives to roll continuously throughout the day? No problem! We can set parameters to trigger different campaign creatives. Whether it’s by time of day, day of week, or even that last minute push to sell today’s inventory, we’ve got you covered. And it’s all included!