Advertise on the Largest Digital Messaging Board Allowed in Arkansas!

Packages are available as short as 1 day and as long as 5 years or more!

We can…

  • Stream the weather in real time.
  • Provide real time updates for sporting and other events.
  • Load real-time Twitter feeds to the board!
  • Update your campaigns based on weather or time of day!
  • And much more!


Food & Beverage Industry

If the temperature is under 70 degrees, your ad for coffee specials displays. When the temperature reaches over 70, your ad will automatically change to promote your cold beverage specials. For restaurants, we can advertise your specials based on time of day, day of the week, or even special promotions.

Medical Industry

Our messaging board is smart! Automatically display your wait times on our board. Display the number of babies you’ve delivered. Customize ads to your gift shop for friends and family coming to visit the new arrivals!

Automotive Industry

We can pull your inventory feed and display all units on your lot. As the units sell and are removed from your inventory, it will automatically adjust on the billboard! Advertise current sales promotions. In the business of auto repair? Adjust your message based on time of year and current auto needs!

Real Estate Industry

We can run a feed of the current houses you have up for sale. Advertise your Open Houses and Customer Appreciation events. Congratulate your new home owners on the board for a day. Keep real-time updates of current total sales or satisfied customers. Have a new agent? You can feature them during rush hour traffic!

Completely Customizable, Completely Included

We offer fully customized ad campaigns, at no additional charge.

All campaigns receive monthly reporting that shows you how many times your ad was featured on the board.

Let us bring your ideas to life! Don’t have a creative? We can build that for you, inquire about our rates!

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