Who We Are

We are proud to serve the advertising needs of the Benton/Bryant area.

OMG Digital Ads, LLC is an independently owned and operated billboard company. Our digital messaging displays are the largest allowable in the state!

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About Us

OMG Digital Ads, LLC is independently owned and operated. We offer two large digital display boards at one location, in a prominent and growing area of Saline County. Our billboards aren’t simply buried in a large display structure; they ARE the largest stand-alone digital messaging boards in the area. This makes your message stand out rather than watered down by competing visuals.

Our mission is to work closely with each advertiser we serve; providing unique, customizable billboard services that compliment your existing marketing efforts. We develop plans to fit any industry, any style, at multiple price points that work for your business.

Our Digital team will assist you in crafting a campaign completely unique to you and your target audience. With so many opportunities to showcase your message, our billboards provide a fantastic backdrop to highlight products and services, grow your success, or brand a new venture.

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  • Locations are not always guaranteed and can be moved around without your expressed approval.
  • May not always be able to reach a service agent.
  • Limited or no ad changes included in original costs.

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